We offer exceptional Pet Sitting and Dog Walking services in North East Cobb, parts of Roswell and Marietta Georgia.





Highest Quality and Standard of Care: 

Lezlie’s Pet Sitting provides quality care for your pets and your home.  We work hard to give you peace of mind while you are away, to ensure your pet’s health and safety and to keep watch on your home.  A minimum of one visit in a 24 hour period is required. 



All appointment/reservations must be made online/by phone/or email. You will receive a confirmation by email, until that time your appointment is not confirmed. Appointments are scheduled first come first serve.



We now ask clients to either supply a garage code entry, a door keypad, a hide-a-key or a lockbox for entry into your home. We will no longer keep a copy of your key in our posession. We will discuss this further at our initial meeting.



Payments can now be made online once you receive your invoice. Checks must be mailed to our office prior to your departure. Please read cancellation policy.


Cancellations and refunds: 

Please be considerate when cancelling, we consider every client a priority and would ask that you notify Lezlie’s Pet Sitting as soon as possible, so we can give every client the attention they need. 


Non Holiday

No refund with less than 3 days notice

3-6 days 50% refund of invoice


No refund with less than 7 days notice

7-14 days 50% refund of invoice

Early return/unused visits

There is no credit/refund for early return/unused visits after service appointment has begun.

Dog Walk/ Potty Break/ Change in Departure

Notice received 4 or more hours before visit      $0

Notice received 2-4 hours before visit               $8

Notice received less than 2 hours before           Full charge



Veterinary Care: 

In the event that your pet becomes ill and veterinary treatment is required we will transport your pet to specified vet on file. If specified vet is unavailable, your pet will be taken to the nearest emergency vet clinic or one determined by client. Please see Vet release for more detail.  


Pet Care:

Pet care will include feeding, exercising, play time, litter box maintenance, fresh water, watering plants inside and light watering outside, collecting mail/newspapers, taking trash out and moving receptacles, alternating window dressings and or lights and dispensing medication as noted on pet form. During severe weather we reserve the right to alter visit times, keep walks to a minumum, or take dogs out to the yard. 

Due to past weather conditions in the area, Lezlie’s Pet Sitting asks that the client have in place an emergency inclement weather plan in the event that we cannot reach your pet. We suggest that you contact a close neighbor or friend in case weather makes the roads hazardous. An ideal situation would be a next door neighbor or friend. Please be prepared to have this contact information available to Lezlie’s Pet Sitting.


Pet Caregiver Associates:  

We utilize services of independant contractors to fulfill some service requests. They are covered under Lezlie's Pet Sitting bond and insurance. Owners have the option to meet any associate who will be entering their home. More than one associate may be used to ensure proper care of your pets. In the event of an illness or injury to your pet sitter, we will provide or make arrangements for another pet sitter to step in.   

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We offer exceptional Pet Sitting and Dog Walking services in North East Cobb, parts of Roswell, Marietta, and Smyrna Georgia.

We also offer Dog Walking in parts of Alpharetta!

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