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Dog Walking - $22.00/ 20 minute walk


Does your pup need a break during a long day? A midday walk or playtime? Let us set up 2, 3, or up to 5 walks a week, we'll create your personal package.


  • 20 minute: $22.00

  • 30 minute: $25.00

  • 45 minute: $28.00


Dog(s) must have up to date rabies vaccination, be friendly with other dogs and people. No more than two dogs at a time, depending on size.


Schedule as many days/week as needed, pay by the week.


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Pet Sitting - $25/ 30 minute

  • 20 minute: $ 22.00 (short walks / potty breaks / cats)

  • 30 minute: $ 25.00

  • 45 minute: $ 28.00



What Does a Visit Include:

  • Feed and water your pet

  • Medication as needed

  • Dog walking - approx. 10 - 15 minutes (for a 30 min visit)

  • Clean litter boxes and any accidents

  • Bring in the mail and newspaper

  • Turn lights on and off

  • Indoor/Outdoor potted plant watering

  • General sweep of your home for safety

  • And most importantly "love and attention" for your pet




Cat Care - 22.00/ 20 minute visit​​

We understand the special care that a cat may need. We will administer medication, prepare food, fresh water, and for the social kitty we offer playtime. We understand that some cats prefer to be left alone and we will respect that.

  • 20 minute: $22.00

  • 30 minute: $25.00

  • 45 minute: $28.00



Schedule as many days/week as needed, pay by the week.

Cuddling Cats

Initial Consultation

  • $15.00

Together we set up an initial consultation to meet you and give your pet(s) the opportunity to feel comfortable with us. This visit takes approximately 20-25 minutes.

How It Works

First we need to register you as a client. Go to our "Become a Client" form, email or call us.

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Schedule your services. This can be done with ease on line in our pet sitting portal. You can also email or call our office to schedule your dog walking or pet sitting needs. 

Peeping Puppy

Next we need to set up a Meet and Greet with you and your pet. It will only take about 25 minutes to meet and become familiar with your pet(s) and their routine.

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Sleeping Dogs

Rest easy knowing that your pet(s) are in good hands. After each visit you will receive an email with feedback and pictures of your pet's visit. 

Going for a Walk
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